When we book models for you, be assured that they will be awesome representatives of your company; always personable, approachable, and great at delivering your message. Let us know what you are looking for and we will send you the right team of models for the job!

  • Brand Ambassadors to wear your company’s colors or logo attire to promote your brand;
  • Directional Models positioned strategically to facilitate the flow of guests from one area to another;
  • Edgy Types to create an atmosphere that is alternative to the norm;
  • Model Greeters to make guests feel welcome and engage them in conversation;
  • Party Starters to interact and include guests in activities (dancing, challenges, games, trivia, etc);
  • Photo Op Models designated specifically for photo ops, often at a set station/area of the special event;
  • Promotional Models to promote whatever it is you are promoting (product, message, other);
  • Themed Models to be representative of the venue/hotel’s theme or many other themes;
  • Server Models that possess TAM and/or Health Card training/certification to allow them to do light cocktail and hors d’ oeuvre duty!

This is a good time to remind you that always entertaining! has the proper licensing and insurances that most venues in Las Vegas require when model talent works on their premises.

Business tends to come our way as we have lots of costuming that may fit your messaging and/or theme to add additional emphasis to your brand. Please see some of our favorite special event shots below.